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Corals are traded based on their colors and are classified into red corals, white corals, pink corals and also black corals.  Corals are of organic origin like natural pearls.  They are called organic since they are naturally created by small marine animals in deep sea, whereas other gemstones like ruby, sapphire, amethyst etc are made of rock minerals found in the land.

Corals (name of Greek origin) are found in deep sea at depths ranging from 100-1000 feet.  Red Coral reef deposits are found in the Mediterranean sea, Japan, Hawaii (primarily black corals).  They are harvested with wide meshed nets dredged across the seabed by coral divers.  In its natural form, they are found as branching skeleton like structure and they are built by small marine animals called "Coral Polyps". 

Red Corals pictures in its branch like skeleton form are shown below.  These pictures shows partially polished red corals.

red corals partially polished        red corals branch close up view

The branches are generally found in ranges of 8-10 inches long and about 2-3 inches thick.  Corals in smaller branch diameters (normally less than 10mm-12mm) are used for making fine coral jewelry.  Sizes bigger than these are normally used for making unique carvings and might cost thousands of dollars.  In jewelry making, corals bigger than 6mm beads tend to become very expensive since they are not available in abundance.

When they are cut and polished (all natural process), they get orange to bright red lusters.  In the coral trade, dark red corals appear to have a higher price than the orange colors and pink and white corals almost trade at half the price of red corals.

Red Coral and White Coral Pictures in their finished stages are shown below. 

red coral beads   white corals carving      

Moh's hardness of coral is 3-4 which means it is a softer material (diamond has a moh's hardness of 10 and is the hardest stone).  Corals, when worn in its natural authenticity, it has many healing effects on the human body just like natural pearls, since these are naturally formed in deep sea and are untouched by humans during its growth and has all the energy received from sun, moon, water etc for many decades or even centuries.  Since corals are soft, if they are worn at all times (for jyothish effects or for healing effects), they tend to gradually melt or dissolve slowly from its original size (obviously they won't disappear completely) and this is believed to provide the healing properties.

Beautiful coral jewelry designs can be viewed at the links shown below.

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